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Eti Hosbes Coconut Wafer 142 Gr

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While wafers are one of the most delicious crispy snacks for children or adults, wafers combined with Eti brand quality and coconut content create a more delicious and special place. Eti Hosbes Coconut 142 g product, which is one of the frequently preferred products of the Eti brand whose quality has never changed for years, allows you to enjoy the whole family with its satisfying large size package. You can buy Eti brand Turkish grocery products with many different varieties in Best Grocery departments.

Eti Hosbes Coconut Wafer 142 G

Eti Hosbes Coconut 142 g product, which you can find in the Snack, Chocolate and Biscuit section of the Food and Food Supplies section in Best Grocery stores, combines the fatty, milky and aromatic taste of coconut with chocolate wafers and provides a unique snack. This product, which you can consume at home at any time during the day, can be consumed at school with your friends or even served to guests at work, provides a perfect crunchiness with a soft cream. You can enjoy this Turkish grocery product, which creates a unique combination of delicious cream between two crispy Eti wafers, by always carrying it in your bag.

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