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Bodrum Zahtar Spice 100g

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Zahter spice takes its place on your table with its various features. Zahter spice provides many benefits for people's health. You may want to have this spice with its benefits and features. Zahter spice attracts attention as a type of spice with a wide range of uses. Zahter is a product suitable for use both fresh and dried. Zahter spice is obtained from Turkish grocery dried zahter. You can add zahter spice to your healthy vegetable salads. You can also consume this spice as a drink. You can create tea by adding zahter spice to hot water and drink it with pleasure. Zahter spice comes from the same family as thyme. This spice; It has a distinct, pungent, fragrant aroma. With this aspect, it suits dishes and pastries very well. This spice gives a pleasant aroma to the dish to which it is added.

Bodrum Zahtar Spice 100g

Zahter spice supports the functioning of your digestive system. This spice facilitates your digestion thanks to the dishes it is used in. Zahter spice has antioxidant properties. In this respect, it tries to prevent harmful bacteria and viruses from entering your body. It supports you in preventing harmful toxins from entering your body. This spice has positive effects on your health when used regularly. Zahter spice helps keep your immune system strong when used regularly. This Turkish grocery spice can also help protect your body from many diseases. It has a positive effect on kidney health. It supports the regular functioning of your kidneys. The use of thyme spice can relieve you in cases such as fatty liver.

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