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Yayla Ayran / Laban Sharab (Ayran) 1 L

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Ayran has a great importance in Turkish society. Ayran, which has become a cultural symbol, takes the lead among the drinks preferred in meals, when our blood pressure rises, with doner kebabs, when we want to relax, at mawlids, weddings and many other areas. We can keep our immune system strong with the help of high-value vitamins, minerals and components contained in best grocery stores buttermilk, which has many health benefits.

Yayla Ayran (Tetra Pack) 1 L

It is known that buttermilk is good for the digestive system, but also for bone health, regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol. At the same time, buttermilk is of great importance for those who want to lose weight. Because ayran suppresses the feeling of hunger for a long time and helps to eat less food. It also helps to create a feeling of satiety by reducing nutrient absorption in the stomach and intestines. Especially in summer, it becomes obligatory to consume an ice-cold ayran. Ayran, which many brands bring to consumers in different packages and contents, takes its place as an indispensable beverage for people. The best grocery stores brands that produce in glass bottles, plastic bottles or single-use bottles manage to make their users happy thanks to the ayran varieties that offer a wide range of products. Experienced and reliable brands also offer their users a variety of kefir mixed with yogurt, which is a kind of yogurt drink like ayran. Kefir, which consists of plain and fruity options, is enough to make you smile.