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Sutas Traditional Butter (Geleneksel Tereyagi) 1 kg

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With Sütaş Butter, you will add a delicious buttery smell and flavour to your meals. Seen as a symbol of wealth and purity, butter has been the crown jewel of kitchens since ancient times. Butter produced with Turkish market Sütaş quality and assurance continues this tradition. You will not be able to resist the taste of Sütaş Traditional Butter, which you can easily choose for your meals and breakfasts.

Sutas Traditional Butter (Geleneksel Tereyagi) 1 kg

Ingredients: Yogurt, cow's milk cream. No salt added. It is obtained by churning yogurt. It contains at least 82% milk fat.

Sütaş Butter, which we guarantee its naturalness from Farm to Table, is produced from the fresh milk of Sütaş Farm. With its delicious Turkish market taste and high nutritional value, it makes "both those who enjoy themselves and their pleasure" happy. It adds a unique flavour to dishes, pastries and breakfasts. Eat naturally and healthily in safety with Sütaş Butter. Whether you are enjoying yourself or enjoying your meals, enjoy your meals with Sütaş Butter!

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