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Yayla %60 Fat Farm Cheese (Ciftlik Peynir) 800 g

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Yayla Farm Cheese prepared using natural products is among the traditional tastes of Turkey. London Turkish market village cheese prepared using pasteurized milk can be consumed directly at breakfast or used in various recipes. Cheese, which has healthy content, can be easily consumed by children and adults.

Yayla 60% Fat Farm Cheese 800 g

Thanks to the fact that village cheese is a type of cheese with high nutritional value, it has many benefits for human health. With its rich content, it is recommended that consumers of all ages, from children to adults, add it to their daily diet. The benefits of natural London Turkish market village cheese can be listed as follows:

  • Thanks to the absence of any harmful substances and chemicals in the fresh village cheese, which has a natural content, it can be consumed by babies who have just entered the supplementary food period.
  • Since cottage cheese is a protein-rich option, it helps to meet the protein needed by the body when consumed regularly. The amount of protein in village cheese allows to protect muscle mass and strengthen muscles.
  • Village cheese options, which are also made from goat and sheep milk, are a saviour for individuals with digestive system problems such as indigestion. Goat and sheep milk is often preferred because it is easier to digest than cow's milk.
  • Thanks to the fact that it contains a significant amount of calcium in cottage cheese, the main ingredient of which is milk, it especially supports the protection of bone and dental health. Village cheese is a good source of calcium for children in the age of growth and development.
  • Since village cheese is among the low-calorie options, it can be consumed with peace of mind during the diet period. Village cheese, which helps keep you full for a long time, is also often used to lose weight.

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