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Ulker Ikram Hazelnut Findikli 84 Gr

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Ulker products have been produced with the latest technology and delivered to you for many years without sacrificing quality. Ulker Ikram is a hazelnut and chocolate sandwich biscuit with a delicious cream between two fresh and crispy biscuits. It is rectangular and the flavour doubles when eaten dipped in tea. The hazelnut cream in it is in an ideal consistency for hazelnut lovers. Did you know that rusks, which means twice-baked bread in Latin, come today as a cheapest supermarket biscuit?

Ulker Ikram with Hazelnut 84 G

Ikram contains tiny biscuit pieces in its stylish packaging. Praline chocolates are hidden in small biscuit slices, where the real taste of the treat biscuits is revealed. You can find catering sandwiches, which will be among the indispensables of your presentations to your loved ones with economical prices, in the snack, chocolate and biscuit section of our store. You can use catering little snacks anywhere. It is suitable for use at home or while traveling. It is both delicious and satisfying. To taste this different cheapest supermarket flavour, you can visit our store and make your purchases immediately. If you wish, you can order now to taste this flavour by logging into our site.

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