Tadim Roasted Pistachio (Kavrulmus Antep Fistigi / Fistik) 150g — Best Grocery
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Tadim Roasted Pistachio (Kavrulmus Antep Fistigi / Fistik) 150g

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Tadim Roasted Pistachio 150 g, which is indispensable for those who taste it with its flavour that remains on the palate, its pleasant smell and the energy it gives, brings rich nutritional values ​​to the kitchens. Pistachio, which has a privileged and intense taste among cheapest supermarket dried nuts, can be eaten alone with pleasure as well as used to add flavour to different foods.

Tadim Roasted Pistachio 150g

The product, which has a completely natural content, is offered in a 150 gram sealed package. Since its mouth can be closed again after opening, it always preserves its flavour and freshness. Pistachios can be consumed with pleasure as a nutritious snack at any time of the day, in any environment. It accompanies the joy in fun friends meetings and conversations. You can consume the cheapest supermarket product between meals and serve it to your friends and guests. You can add the product, which is one of the most delicious gifts of nature and found in the pistachio section, to your cart and buy it easily.

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