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HAPPY SUMMER DEALS! Coming soon here.

Sutas Kashkaval Cheese 700 G

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Sütaş Kashkaval Cheese 700 G 

Sutas's Kashaval cheese is a very delicious Turkish dairy alternative with its smooth texture which melts in the mouth. It's also a favourite of children thanks to its mild flavour. It can be consumed with pleasure in every meal, and helps you create wonderful pasta, snacks or sandwiches. You can find all Sutas products at UK’s biggest Online Turkish Grocery Best Grocery! Enjoy your Turkish cheese...


Pasteurized cow’s milk, table salt, cheese culture, salt, rennet.

Nutritive Value

Energy and Nutrients for 100g

Energy (kJ & kcal) 1350 / 325
Fat (g) 25
Saturated Fat (g) 16
Carbonhydrate (g) 1
Protein (g) 24
Sugar (g) 1
Salt (g) 1,6
Calcium (mg) 700