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Sutas Cream Cheese (Krem Peynir) 150 g

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Sütaş Cream Cheese is produced from Sütaş Cheeses. Its easily spreadable consistency adds best supermarket flavour to your breakfasts and snacks. It is a favourite of the whole family, especially young people and children.

Sütaş Cream Cheese 150 g

Ingredients: Cheese, cow's milk, emulsifying salts (polyphosphates), thickener (carrageenan - seaweed extract), colorant (cayenne pepper extract), sorbic acid, table salt.

What else can give the happiness of breakfast? When you bite into Sütaş Cream Cheese to spread on your fried bread and a few tomato slices to add to it, this flavour will make you feel very good. You don't have to wait long to leave yourself alone with the trust and taste of completely natural production. Sütaş brand, which is a reliable address for those who are in search of natural best supermarket cheese for their children and loved ones to have a healthy and natural diet, more than meets the expected need with the amount of calcium and nutritional values in their cheese. It is a good idea to try this flavour to take your place among the people who are happy when it's time for breakfast.

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