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Seyidoglu Sourcherry Jam (Visne Receli) 380g

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Seyidoglu Cherry Jams are produced from fresh and quality fruits collected in the season. It is the sweetest of your breakfasts with much Turkish grocery jam varieties such as sour cherry, strawberry, apricot, and raspberry.

Seyidoglu Sour Cherry Jam 380 g

Jam is an indispensable dessert food for breakfast tables. Seyidoglu Sour Cherry Jam, which is one of the many jam types, is produced as 380 gr with the special Seyidoglu quality. In addition, Seyidoglu jams are produced in completely hygienic conditions without human touch. Sorted, cleaned, frozen fruits are cooked in closed system vacuum cooking vessels, preserving the colour and aroma of the fruit, without increasing the HMF (Hydroxymethyl furfural) ratio, by controlling it with all necessary tests and measurements. It is transported to the filling units untouched by the pipe system. Vacuum is created in the jars by hermetic filling. Thus, Seyidoglu Sour Cherry Jam preserves its freshness and Turkish grocery flavour throughout its shelf life as on the first day. Seyidoglu family, which is very rich in jam varieties, offers you the secret of jam recipes as quality and love. You can consume our cherry jams prepared with love, as in the homemade cherry jam recipe, with peace of mind.

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