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Saygin Organic Balsamic Vinegar (Organik Balzamik Sirke) 500 ml

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Saygın Organic Balsamic Vinegar 500 ml / Naturally Fermented Balsamic Vinegar It goes through natural fermentation, acidification and maturation processes. It does not contain acetic acid and additives. Grapes used in the production of Saygin Organic Balsamic Vinegar; it is produced by carefully selecting from naturally grown Turkish grocery fruits without the use of chemical drugs. Analysis of organic certified balsamic vinegar was made. It is in a 500 ml glass bottle.

Saygin Organic Balsamic Vinegar 500 ml

Balsamic vinegar is a vinegar obtained from grapes grown in Modena region of Italy, which contains sweet and sour in a balanced way. This vinegar has a special place in Italian culture. In ancient times, a barrel of balsamic vinegar was given to girls in their dowry. This valuable Turkish grocery vinegar, which has survived until today, is even more valuable as it ages. Balsamic vinegar is more dense than other vinegars. Again, this vinegar will also be darker in colour. Real balsamic vinegar is made from certain types of white grapes grown in the region of Italy. It is waited in specially made wooden barrels. The biggest difference of balsamic vinegar from other vinegars is that this vinegar is kept for at least 12 years and then used.

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