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Sarikiz Mineral Water With Watermelon&Strawberry 6*200ml

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Due to the delivery restrictions, you can order up to 3 multipacks of 6 bottles of mineral water in each order.

It is a product that we produce specially for those who want to relax with the taste of Watermelon Strawberry in a way with plenty of vitamins. It is a drink that you can make a habit of as a refreshing drink for both healthy and hot moments. It is a refreshing, healthy and delicious best supermarket drink that you can enjoy with your family and loved ones.

Sarikiz Mineral Water with Watermelon & Strawberry 6*200 ml

The history of Sarikiz Mineral Waters, indispensable for the tables, dates back to the 1860s. Mineral water, which was used as a bath cure since it was not known to be drunk and flowing among best supermarket herbs and buckets in Sarikiz Tea, was analysed with the spirit of vision and research and came to us as healing water. This health resource, which is right in front of us but whose value we do not know, has been handled with a different perspective and has turned into a taste that our people have consumed for a century.   

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