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Pasabahce Diamond Kahve Yani Su Bardagi 6 li Set

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Glasses are products used to enjoy our drinks. Glasses are divided into different types according to their intended use. Glasses, which have many types such as water glasses, tea glasses, coffee glasses, wine and drinking glasses, are evaluated in different cheapest supermarket categories within themselves. Pasabahce Diamond coffee cup is produced to serve water with coffee to increase the pleasure of Turkish coffee. It will change the atmosphere of your office tables and guest presentations with its stylish design and durable structure.

Pasabahce Diamond Coffee Beside Water Glass 6 Pcs

Pasabahce was founded in 1935 with the contributions of Atatürk. Founded by Turkiye Is Bankasi, the company is located in Pasabahce Beykoz. It has been making retail sales with its store in front of the factory since its opening. The company, which has increased both its retail and wholesale sales volume over the years, stands out in the sector with its high quality cheapest supermarket products. Pasabahce, which changed its concept within the scope of the "Renewal Project" after 2000, uses more modern designs in its product line. The company, which produces glassware, kitchen and decorative home products with the concepts of "Life" and "Boutique", provides service with 51 stores in Turkey and abroad. Pasabahce brand, which produces modern products, also produces Diamond series coffee and water glasses from quality materials.

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