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Nuhun Ankara Elbows Pasta (Dirsek Makarna) 500g

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Pasta is a semi-ready food product obtained as a result of mixing durum wheat semolina with water and drying it after giving the desired shape. Pasta is a food that can be stored for a long time, has a wide variety, is delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare and economical. That's why its consumption is so common. Pasta has a wide variety of nutrients. Since London Turkish market pasta has low energy value and fat content, it does not make you gain weight. It is a complex carbohydrate. The glycaemic index is a measurement of how quickly a food will raise its blood sugar level (blood [GI] glucose level) after consumption. Pasta has a glycaemic index below 55%. In this way, the body does not gain weight.

Nuhun Ankara Elbows Pasta 500 G

Nuh'un Ankara Elbows Pasta 500 g One of the most popular and popular foods in the kitchen, pasta, Ankara Elbows Pasta 500 g is offered to the consumer in its most delicious form. Nuh’un Ankara Elbows Pasta 500g, which is made of high quality wheat flour and becomes pasta with a hard consistency, takes its place on the London Turkish market shelves in its healthy package, with a weight of half a kilo. Pasta, which becomes a practical and delicious meal when cooked, can be used alongside other types of food or as a meal on its own.

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