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No 35 Urla Hand Made Natural Laurel Soap with Olive Oil (El Yapimi Defne Sabunu) 100 Grams

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Our homemade healing store laurel and olive oil soap from Antakya is both 100% natural and 100% from us. We bring you our healing laurel & London Turkish market olive oil soap so that your homes and hands will smell good. Laurel, which is healing in its nature, is ideal for oily hair, can be used against stains on the skin, as well as against hair flaking and dandruff.

No 35 Urla Hand Made Natural Laurel Soap

Laurel soap, which is known to have germicidal properties, protects the hair and skin against many hair and skin diseases. London Turkish market laurel soap, which is known to prevent the formation of fungi and eczema, also prevents hair loss.

  • It is good for skin irritations and wounds. It helps the skin to return to its former healthy state.
  • You can choose laurel soap as a natural peeling on your skin. It plays an important role in cleaning the pores. It prevents acne formations.
  • It makes the hair look fuller and stronger.
  • If you have sensitive and prone to irritation skin, you can contribute to the oil balance of your skin by using laurel soap.
  • Men's use of laurel soap as a shaving soap allows them to have a healthier skin. Damage to the irritated skin during shaving is prevented.

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