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Muratbey Orgu Cheese -Mujaddel (Orgu Peynir) 150 g

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Light and healthy of the traditional mujaddel cheese flavour, Muratbey mujaddel cheese is ready for those who like different local flavours in cheese. If you like salty and hard London Turkish market cheese, you can shape it as cold cuts, if you prefer flexible and less salty, you can keep it in warm water and shape it according to your groom's taste.

Muratbey Orgu Cheese (Mujaddel) 150 g

Local cheeses, which are among the indispensable foods of breakfast, have been added to the meals and an alternative food culture has emerged. In parallel with the change in breakfast culture, cheese, which is one of the favourite flavours of breakfast tables, is also produced in different ways. While brine cheese, feta cheese and cheddar cheese had a large place on the tables before, today many types of cheese have been added to these breakfasts. Mujaddel cheese produced in provinces such as Diyarbakır and Sanliurfa is one of these cheese types. Mujaddel cheese, which resembles Circassian cheese in taste, is a dairy product that requires a lot of effort. This is where the flavour of the mujaddel cheese boiled in salted water comes from. Mujaddel after its production, this London Turkish market cheese was named mujaddel cheese because of its shape.

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