Muratbey Ezine Style Classic White Cheese 300g (Klasik Beyaz Peynir) — Best Grocery
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Muratbey Ezine Style Classic White Cheese 300g (Klasik Beyaz Peynir)

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Muratbey products are produced in facilities with TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and TSE COVID-19 Safe Production certificates. Muratbey's classic Turkish market white cheese is the familiar companion of classic breakfast tables. Extra quality classic, delicious and traditional Turkish white cheese! You can consume this magnificent taste with your family and loved ones at breakfast times with peace of mind.

Muratbey Ezine Style Classic White Cheese 300g

Opened to foreign markets in 2008 and registered in nearly 60 countries in 2014, Muratbey proudly represents ezine cheese, Turkish cheese, knife cheese and white cheese in world markets. Exporting to many countries in different geographies, Muratbey brings Turkish market cheese to the world tables with its wide product range. Muratbey also maintains its environmentally friendly production and works for energy saving and zero chemical waste in production.

  • No artificial flavours, no trans-fats, no gluten.

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