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Melis Pickled Cornichons 720 Ml

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Freshly picked, the country's most delicious baby gherkins are jarred within a few hours, and our Turkish market pickles are set up. You can taste this amazing flavour with your family and loved ones right now. You will be amazed by our pickles that we produce naturally without additives or preservatives.

Melis Pickled Cornichons 720 Ml

The crop in the field is prepared with Melis recipes, which include Melis's secret of taste, which have been prescribed with our experience for different tastes, after undergoing a rigorous control and inspection process. Although the world has gone through a tremendous change since the day it was first established, one thing has never changed at Melis: our passion for excellence. Behind this is our choice to always remain true to our family heritage and our core founding values of reliability, respect and purity, despite our rapid growth and change with customer needs. From the very first day, we continue to carefully, manually select and collect the best quality produce in order to offer the most perfect natural taste with our pickles, roasted products and sauces. In order to preserve the freshness at the highest level, our Turkish market products arrive at our state-of-the-art facilities and are packaged within 8 to 18 hours from the moment of collection.

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