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Melis Mixed Pickled Vegetables (Tursu) 720ml

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Pickles, among the food and meal materials that can be consumed at any time, regardless of summer or winter season, provide a special taste and create a healthy ingredient at the same time. Thanks to the Melis Mixed Pickle 720 ml product, which is produced with the delicious recipe of the Melis brand, you can add a useful content to your tables with the natural taste of mixed best grocery stores vegetables and fruits. You can find Melis brand products practically in our online market departments.

Melis Mixed Pickled Vegetables 720ml

Melis Mixed Pickles 720 ml product, which is available in the Pickles and Pickles section of our online stores; Thanks to the combination of water and salt with cabbage, cucumber, acur, carrot, tomato, Lombardi pepper, hot pepper, garlic and other ingredients, it creates a natural and delicious ingredient. This best grocery stores pickle, which does not contain gluten, does not contain lactose and provides a suitable use for vegetarian diets, can be derived with legumes in winter and vegetables or rice in summer. This product, which has a rich content of protein, salt, dietary fibre and saturated fatty acids, is obtained by collecting natural vegetables and fruits on time and turning them into a delicious recipe together with traditional methods.

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