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Gazi Altin Kaymak 200 Gr

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GAZİ Cream - A seductive flavour in a large plastic glass, obtained from cow's milk with 23% fat content. When heated after milking, the resulting oily creamy top layer is gradually removed and turned into cream. This is how it’s perfect and pure taste is achieved. It tastes great to accompany desserts, spread on bread or sweeten best supermarket sauces. Have you ever tried?

Gazi Gold Cream 200 G

Are they all milky? Absolutely yes – even in butter! And don't forget the other products: Our milk, cream and butter products are your fridge essentials and have a unique freshness and creamy taste to the consistency you desire. Want to get to know your favourite essential products better? Just take a look at our product range and click. We use daily fresh cow, sheep or best supermarket goat milk for our products. Quality in every field is of great importance to us. That's why we take regular strict controls, hygiene rules and carefully selected raw materials very seriously.

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