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Falim Isil 1 Pack

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Falım Isil Carbonated and Peppermint Flavoured Sugar-Free Sweetened Gum give freshness to your breath and take care of your teeth. With the baking soda it contains, it removes stains and dirt on the tooth enamel and helps your teeth to regain their natural whiteness. You can consume this healthy London Turkish market product with taste. It's time to give a small gift to your family and loved ones.

Falim Isil Carbonated and Mint Flavoured Chewing Gum 1 Pack

Falım Isil Carbonated and Peppermint Flavoured Sugar Free Gum is chewed with pleasure with its full consistency and no added sugar. It helps to relieve boredom or relax the stomach. In addition, while it freshens your breath with the mint flavour it contains, it helps you to have whiter teeth with its carbonated content. You can order this London Turkish market product quickly from our market online.

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