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Eti Pizza Cracker (Kraker) 76 Gr

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Eti Pizza Cracker 38 g, which offers you the pizza flavour spread from Italian restaurants all over the world, in small packages, is waiting for you to add colour to your taste in the London Turkish market salty biscuits section. With its flavour created with a mixture of various spices and vegetables such as red pepper, poppy seeds, thyme, onion, pizza crackers that you can consume between meals, when you are hungry or just as a snack, can be your little friends who come to your rescue.

Eti Pizza Cracker (Kraker) 76 Gr

The product, which manages to bring together both pizza and cracker tastes in one package, is preparing to be a different taste for you with its fresh and crispy structure that disperses in the mouth. Eti Cracker, which has managed to attract the attention of even those who do not like pizza, can replace your meals because it is satisfying. The London Turkish market product can accompany your breakfast with fruit juice, or when used in soup, it can soften and add a difference to your meals by providing a nice drink with the harmony of spices and vegetables.

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