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Duru Bulgur Course (Pilavlik Bulgur) 1Kg

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Duru Bulgur is the only bulgur produced in a "natural" stone mill. Bulgur is produced without polishing; the whole wheat and natural structure of bulgur is preserved. For this reason, the richest bulgur in terms of fibre and minerals is Duru Bulgur. Since Duru's production technology was developed entirely to preserve the naturalness of the best grocery stores product, the taste and naturalness of bulgur has survived intact from the Mesopotamian civilization four thousand years ago.

Duru Bulgur Course 1Kg

Bulgur for rice; It is the most well known and most consumed type of bulgur in the world and in Turkey. The highest quality wheat is carefully selected and produced with great expertise in factories with ISO 22000, IFS and BRC certificates. Thanks to the natural stone mill, it is rich in fibre, vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins. Do not wet or wash the product before using it. During cooking, use 1 glass of bulgur and 2 glasses of water. Within the usage areas of the best grocery stores product, there are soups, pilaffs, salads, and desserts, stuffed & stuffed wraps.

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