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Duru Liquid Soap (Precious Flowers) 300 ml

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Duru Precious Flowers Liquid Soap, created by combining many different flower essences, changes the whole atmosphere of your bathroom with its unique scent. It helps turn your personal cleaning routine into a pastime. Duru soaps, the indispensable product of bathrooms, make quality accessible in bathroom and hand hygiene with all its varieties. Thanks to its special Turkish grocery formula, Duru soaps clean your skin; make it soft, smooth and radiant. It is ideal for those who do not give up on tradition. It leaves a long-lasting perfume effect on your skin with its pleasant and lasting scents.

Duru Liquid Soap (Precious Flowers) 300 ml

Duru soaps have 100% herbal content. With its powerful formula, it both purifies your skin from dirt and protects it with skin-friendly glycerine. With its 90-year history, it is one of the most preferred soap brands in Turkey and in the world. This Turkish grocery product is vegan certified. Duru soaps, which have been an indispensable hygiene product for bathrooms since the past, clean your hands and skin from dirt and filth. With the addition of intense and permanent perfume, it not only cleans your skin, but also makes it smell nice and clean, while it provides care by cleaning your skin without drying it thanks to its special content. Soaps, which you can safely choose for you and your family, appeal to your taste with different perfume and colour options.

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