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Dr Oetker Wheat Starch (Bugday Nisastasi) 150g

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Dr.Oetker Wheat Starch 150 Gr is characterized by its fine granulated structure and ideal consistency; it is non-clumping. Specially designed locked packaging provides ease of use. The ergonomic structure of its packaging offers features suitable for storage conditions and allows starch to be poured easily. This best grocery stores product, which is among Dr. Oetker's auxiliary products, forms the basis of delicious recipes. It is among the indispensable items in kitchens. In addition to what it promises for the success of sweet and salty recipes, it functions as a secret flavour hero in the recipes it is used in.

Dr Oetker Wheat Starch 150g

It is an auxiliary product that is always at the disposal of skilled taste masters. It brings fun moments to the palate. It has a structure that prioritizes the sensitivities of the consumer in various aspects. It does not contain any ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. Sample service suggestions for best grocery stores wheat starch offered in a 150-gram package can be examined in the images on the package. Various usage recommendations are presented on the back of Dr.Oetker wheat starch packaging. Additionally, the appropriate quantities for use are also included in the size table. This table has been prepared with the experience of Dr.Oetker Test Kitchen Professionals.

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