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Dr Oetker Pasta Kremasi Vanilya Aromali 136gr

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You can create a variety of delicious cakes with Dr.Oetker vanillin cake cream! A cake's cream is one of the most important sources of its flavour. Therefore, it is possible to make a great London Turkish market cake with a good cream! You can prepare cream practically and quickly, without much effort! Vanillin pastry cream is a ready-made product.

Dr Oetker Cake Cream Vanilla Flavour 136g

With its special formula, it tastes extremely good and blends well with your cake. It suits most people's tastes; your cream will be ready to use on your cake in approximately 5 minutes! Its smell is quite attractive due to its vanilla flavour! The appetizing taste and smell of London Turkish market vanilla creates a good effect here too. 1.5 cups of milk and some butter or soft margarine are enough to prepare the vanilla cake cream! A 27 cm sponge cake will be suitable for the cream in this package. If you want, you can choose a lighter cream without using oil. Various fruits on vanilla cream also create a very nice taste harmony. You can reinforce the delicious cream flavour with fruits!

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