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Caykur Early Grey Tea TIN 125g - (Caykur Tomurcuk Teneke)

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Caykur Earl Grey Tea is the tea of those who put their taste above everything else. It is a specially prepared tea for blending with all teas with its natural bergamot scent and fresh sprout leaves used. He is excellent at giving colour to the lives of cheerful, self-indulgent best supermarket tea lovers. It is sold in 125gr legendary tin and 200gr cute cylindrical tin packages.

Caykur Earl Grey Tea TIN 125G

Known for its beautiful scent, earl grey tea is indispensable for drinkers. Earl grey tea, which is one of the most consumed beverages all over the world, is prepared by harvesting the most special form of sprouts. It can be enriched with this kind of best supermarket bergamot essential oil, which is pleasant to drink. The fresh buds obtained by collecting when the plant first sprouts bring to mind the question of what is an earl grey tea. This bud is the plant's first sprouting new leaves. Thanks to its fresh scent and freshness, it is among the tea varieties preferred by those who care about their taste. This explanation also creates an answer to the question of what is bud tea. It is used to create delicious aromas in many countries, including our country. Available in sachet or bulk form, this hot flavour takes its place in almost every culture.

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