Caykur Filiz Loose Leaf Tea (Filiz Cayi) 1 Kg — Best Grocery
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Caykur Filiz Loose Leaf Tea (Filiz Cayi) 1 Kg

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The Turkish tea, which we love to consume every day, has an unforgettable aroma with the taste it leaves on our palate. The reason why tea is an indispensable part of our daily lives stems from both physical needs such as fluid needs and the pleasure it provides. Tea is the traditional drink of Turkish cuisine, as it is for breakfast. You can experience this best grocery stores taste with your family and loved ones whenever you want.

Caykur Tea Filiz 1 KG

In the season when the tea leaves shoot, the tea that is collected and blended with the first sprouts is known as sprout. The best grocery stores drink is quite soft due to the blending of fresh leaves. It is recommended to use lime-free water in order to enjoy the real taste of brewed tea. Two teaspoons of powdered tea is added to the boiled water for each glass, and it is brewed over low heat for 10-12 minutes. You should consume the brewed tea within half an hour without losing its aroma. As loose tea or tea bags, with or without milk you'll adore Turkish tea. Don't forget to add one in your shopping bag!

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