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Bursa Gurme Kis Receli (Winter Jam) 300 g

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We combine our sensitivity to human health, which we take as a basis in the production process, with our traditional production techniques. All the fruits and vegetables we use in our Turkish market jams are harvested in season. We do not randomly select the products we use. We pay great attention to the fact that the producer is organic certified farmers.

Bursa Gurme Winter Jam 300 g

Ingredients: Sugar, Orange (30%), Tangerine Rind (12%), Lemon (11%), Quince (9%), Grapefruit Rind (2%), Ginger (1%), Lemon Salt.

While cooking our jams, we ensure that the sugar remains constant at special temperatures so that it does not have any harmful effects with the temperature. Of course, by doing all these, we offer you the taste and consistency that appeals to your taste with the quality of Bursa Gurme. You can order this delicious and healthy Turkish market product at any time of the day. We wish everyone a pleasant shopping at Best Grocery.

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