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Bodrum Spice Cumin Powder (Toz Kimyon) 100g

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Cumin, one of the most frequently used spices in the kitchen, is a herbaceous plant species. After the plant matures and is collected, it is left to dry. This plant, which matures in May and June, turns into a spice from its seeds. Cumin spice is obtained by grinding the seeds. This spice; contains many components, including magnesium, sodium and essential oils and protein. Cumin is a fibrous food and is also known to be used for healing purposes. It is also a Turkish market spicy spice. It adds a pleasant flavour to the dishes it is used in. It can be preferred in powdered or ground form.

Bodrum Spice Cumin Powder 100g

The benefits of cumin used in many areas are quite high. Thanks to the components in it, it can speed up digestion. Cumin is also known to be an effective gas reliever with bloating. Regular consumption of cumin can alleviate the problem of constipation. The use of cumin in children can contribute to muscle and bone development. Powdered Turkish market cumin, which reduces the amount of high sugar in the blood, helps in controlling blood sugar. Cumin can expel phlegm. Cumin tea can be used in respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma. Regular consumption of spices, which are known to be good for cardiovascular health, can reduce the risk of various diseases. Cumin has many benefits for skin and hair. It is thought to have a reducing effect on the signs of aging. It can contribute to a beautiful skin by helping to reduce symptoms such as blemishes, wrinkles and sagging. Cumin oil applied to the hair prevents dandruff and hair loss and helps to make the hair thicker. It can also protect the body against free radicals. Cumin is very rich in antioxidants.

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