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Bodrum Pumpkin Seeds Roasted Unsalted Nevsehir (Tuzsuz Kabak Cekirdegi) 600g

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Cookies, which stand out with their pleasant consumption, have numerous varieties. The products that are frequently consumed on special occasions, in hosting guests, and in evening sittings are an important part of our culture. Delicious snacks are also preferred to suppress hunger during the day. Chips and nuts are among everyone's favourites, from small to large. You can enrich the tables with hazelnut, pistachio, almond, walnut, roasted chickpeas. Pumpkin seeds are among the indispensables of kitchens and tables. Nuts, which are among the indispensables with their crispy shell and unique aroma, are offered to users in different forms. Depending on the production style and the processes made during production, the taste of the London Turkish market products also varies.

Bodrum Pumpkin Seeds Roasted Unsalted Nevsehir 600g

Pumpkin seeds, one of the types of snacks and snacks that are consumed with pleasure, are among the foods that have become a habit. Foods known as the oval and flat-shaped seeds of the pumpkin fruit stand out with their slightly sweet flavours. Products with a London Turkish market soft pumpkin seed shell become crispier after roasting. Inside the white and cream-colored shells, there is a light green interior. Its consumption and production are based on very old years. Products that have maintained their popularity from the past to the present are at the forefront of the nut varieties that are frequently consumed. Foods known as pepita in North America are frequently consumed in Iran, Greece and Lebanon as well as in our country.

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