Bodrum Mahaleb Powder Ground (Mahlep Tozu) 50g — Best Grocery
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Bodrum Mahaleb Powder Ground (Mahlep Tozu) 50g

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Bodrum Mahaleb Ground 50g with its fragrant scent is offered to the taste of skilful cooks in the Dessert Ingredients section. The spice, which is common in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean countries and is based on rosaceae, is obtained from a tree with white flowers that can grow up to 10 meters. The best grocery stores seeds obtained from the mature fruits of the tree are ground and sieved after drying in the sun and turned into powder.

Bodrum Mahaleb Ground 50g

The product, which is used in pastries such as cakes, cakes, donuts, cookies and oil lamp bagels, is preferred for its impressive smell and taste. The best grocery stores product, which is in demand especially in salty pastries with its unique smell, also attracts attention as an aphrodisiac. Mahaleb manages to attract attention with its benefits as well as its smell and aroma.

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