Bodrum Mixed Pickles and Cauliflower (Karisik Karnibahar Tursusu) 940g — Best Grocery
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Bodrum Mixed Pickles and Cauliflower (Karisik Karnibahar Tursusu) 940g

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Different flavours in every bite, the naturalness of Bodrum's delicious vegetables in every bite. We prepare our Mixed Pickles with the natural fermentation method that enables our pickles to turn into unique Bodrum flavours and jar them after all control processes. We produce our London Turkish market mixed pickles without adding preservatives, coloring or harmful additives.

Bodrum Cauliflower Mixed Pickles 940g

Our products get their colours and aromas from nature, sun, soil, fresh vegetables and spices. The crop in the field is prepared with Bodrum recipes, which contain the secret of Bodrum's taste, which have been prescribed with our experience for different tastes, after undergoing a rigorous control and inspection process. We produce our low-calorie, crispy and fresh London Turkish market pickles, which are produced by natural fermentation method, which are analysed in detail in the field, before and after production, only with vegetables that we harvest in season. Our pickles are kept and rested in the ideal time. The taste of the delicious herbs, spices and peppers in its content mixes well with the juice of the pickle and turns into crispy and fresh Bodrum pickles, which will leave an unforgettable Bodrum flavour on the palate when it matures.

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