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Bodrum Apricot Compote (Kayisi Kompostosu) 540g

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Compotes, full of healing and containing countless vitamins, have been shown as one of the flavours that are not missing from the tables since the Ottoman period. You can make these Turkish market delicacies, which are preferred instead of fruit juice, especially in Ramadan, at home in practical ways, which strengthen the immune system and quench thirst. However, this is not necessary. We have prepared a wonderful healthy Bodrum Apricot Compote 680g product for you.

Bodrum Apricot Compote 540g

There is no serious difference between compote and compote. Generally, the one made with dried Turkish market fruit is called compote, and the one made with fresh and fresh fruit is called compote. When we examine the benefits, they are responsible for meeting the water need in the body. These drinks, which are full of vitamins, also fight aging and strengthen immunity.