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Bioblas Nettle Oil (Isirgan Yagi) Shampoo 360 ml

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With the nettle oil it contains, it thickens the hair strand and provides volume and fullness throughout the day. Patented Herbal Complex B19 developed by Bioblas has been clinically tested to be effective against hair loss and nourish the hair. It was found that the pH value was compatible with the scalp and dermatologically appropriate. You can choose this Turkish market product for your own health and the health of your family.

Bioblas Nettle Oil Shampoo 360 ml

Men also dream of having hair that looks as beautiful as women do. The main way to have shiny and strong hair is to apply the right hair care routines for both sides. However, the hair care routines of men and women are of course different from each other. Because they have different scalp and hair strands. For this reason, shampoo and Turkish market care products are generally designed specifically for gender, as women's and men's products. Apply to all wet hair, especially starting from the roots to the ends, lathering and rinse. Repeat according to the needs of your hair. For healthy, strong and non-shedding hair; Continuous and regular use is recommended.

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