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Basak Mangal Chicken Spices (Tavuk Harci) 60 Gr

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Basak brings the barbecue chicken spices, which has been prepared in accordance with the hygiene rules and quality controls, to your tables. Working with many different best supermarket brands in our online market, we offer the brand you want to your preference with a superior service understanding.

Basak Mangal Chicken Spices 60 G

It is a mixture of spices that will suit chicken dishes. It is used during the marinating of the chicken, giving the dish a unique spice flavour. The main spices that make up the mixture are curry, sweet ground pepper, coriander, mint and ginger. It also contains flavour-enhancing auxiliary substances such as salt, parsley, onion, breadcrumbs, garlic and corn starch. You can order this magnificent Basak Mangal Chicken Spices 60 G product from our online best supermarket shelves safely and healthily right now.

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