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Basak Cocoa Pudding (Kakaolu) 105g

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The meeting of the cocoa extract obtained from the cocoa plant with the pudding causes happiness by providing a practical solution to sweet crises. Cocoa pudding, prepared in a hygienic environment from production to packaging, offers a unique taste with its special London Turkish market cocoa aroma. It is prepared with many recipes at any time of the day and served to leave delicious tastes on the palate.

Basak Pudding with Cocoa 105g

Thanks to Basak Pudding, which can be prepared quickly and practically, you can relieve the tiredness of the day with the pleasure of dessert. You can prepare the London Turkish market cocoa pudding, which is prepared in a short time, in 5 minutes without any effort, with the informative recipe on the back of the product package. You can also use milk as an alternative to water in making pudding, which is a practical dessert.

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