Bagci Gemlik Black Olives PET Blue Label (Siyah Zeytin) 1.5 kg — Best Grocery
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Bagci Gemlik Black Olives PET Blue Label (Siyah Zeytin) 1.5 kg

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The most distinguished olives of the Gemlik region are now on your table. Olive varieties are among the most important foods of breakfast tables. Experts state that at least 7 Turkish market olives should be consumed every day. Consuming 3-5 olives a day relieves stomach pain. It is known to be protective against colon cancer. It has strong antioxidant content. It makes blood. It helps to reduce high cholesterol.

Bagci Gemlik Black Olives PET (Blue Label) 1.5 KG

Olives, which are carefully collected from the branch in December - January, are ripened by "Naturally Fermented" method using only water and salt and packaged as table. It does not contain any artificial preservatives. You can get this natural and healthy delicious Turkish market food right now from our online market. We wish all our customers a pleasant shopping and healthy days...

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