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Anthap Pistachio Paste (%100 Pistachio without sugar) Antep Fistik Ezmesi %100 Sekersiz 200gr

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Not only at breakfast, but whenever you need energy, it's a super power with us with its high protein content. Pistachio, a legume seed, draws attention with its rich protein, oil and fibre content. This Turkish market product, which contains 100% pistachios, offers you a healthy and enjoyable snack with its spreadable consistency and unique taste, as well as the benefits of pistachios.

Anthap Pistachio Paste (%100 Pistachio without Sugar) 200g

Allergy Warning: This product may contain other nuts and seeds.

We carefully selected peanuts, which are very rich in protein, fibre and beneficial oils, and produced them with the latest technology. You can consume 100% Anthap Pistachio Paste, which is unique with its taste, at every meal. Anthap Pistachio Paste meets all the requirements for a good start to the day with the quality and delicious taste of Turkish market pistachios. Its spreadable consistency, pleasant smell and unique taste give you not only taste but also happiness in a jar.