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Anthap Natural Dried Hot Pepper Flakes (Katkisiz Ev Yapimi Pul Biber ) 90g

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Anthap Natural Dried Hot Pepper Flakes 90g, which are very rich in vitamins A, C, K, E, B6 and P, provide important contributions to human health. Thanks to its vitamin C content, this London Turkish market product protects the immune system. It accelerates metabolism, strengthens the immune system, aids weight loss and prevents the proliferation and spread of cancer cells.

Anthap Natural Dried Hot Pepper Flakes 90g

Known for adding flavour to dishes, hot silk red chili pepper is a spice that is compatible with almost all flavours of Turkish cuisine. It is known that chili peppers, which make the food to be eaten with appetite, have countless benefits in terms of health thanks to the rich nutritional values in their content. Hot pepper, grown in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, is among the local products of London Turkish market. Hot pepper is one of the most important foods that protects the immune system, especially in winter, and therefore prevents the body from succumbing to diseases. Red hot pepper, which strengthens the immune system and regulates the digestive system, is a type of spice that is frequently used in meals by passing through special processes and turning it into flakes or powder in a natural way.

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