Anthap Fitil Sausage Delight with Pistachio (Antep Fistikli Sucuk) 300 — Best Grocery
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Anthap Fitil Sausage Delight with Pistachio (Antep Fistikli Sucuk) 300 gr

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Both grapes and pistachios are the two most valuable products grown in our country. Here, grape molasses produced from these most valuable grapes and pistachio sausage produced from new crop pistachios are traditional and timeless desserts of Turkish cuisine. With its long thin structure and bright red colour, this pistachio sausage is an ideal product both to serve to your guests and to sweeten your mouth in your daily life. You can order this cheapest supermarket product with the Anthap brand and quality.

Anthap Fitil Sausage Delight with Pistachio 300 g

The best prices of fitil sausage you can find in the market are offered by our company. As Anthap, we not only offer reasonable prices for people to consume these cheapest supermarket products with pleasure and health, but also deliver them to all regions of Turkey and England.

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Ozer Atmaca
Still ok product.

Not have traditional authentic taste that l used to

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