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Anthap Dried Mint (Kuru Nane) 30 g

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Dried Mint is a useful spice in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Improves hormonal balance; It is beneficial for those suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome or another hormonal imbalance by reducing high testosterone levels in women. This London Turkish market product reduces stress. It is used as aromatherapy in the medical world. It strengthens immunity. Thanks to its vitamin A content, it improves eye health. It is used in the treatment of acne. It supports you to lose weight. It also regenerates the scalp.

Anthap Dried Mint 30 g

The taste that is collected in the season and brought to your table is natural and healthy. We recommend that you store it away from humid environments and hot areas. Let all the advantageous shopping you do with the address of natural London Turkish market taste come to your door at! We wish you healthy days and pleasant shopping with your family and loved ones.

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