Anthap %100 Natural Sun Dried Mountain Figs (Aydin Dag Inciri) 250g — Best Grocery
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Anthap %100 Natural Sun Dried Mountain Figs (Aydin Dag Inciri) 250g

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Mountain figs are originally dried on the branch and get their flavour from this method, many sellers introduce normal cheapest supermarket dried figs as mountain figs, and even they can call figs dried in ovens as mountain figs. Fig is a distinguished fruit of Turkey, which has many quality calibres.

Anthap %100 Natural Sun Dried Mountain Figs 250g

As a Turkish market serving in London, figs are one of the products we focus on in choosing for us. We will never open a fig that is not 1st quality for sale. That's why we sell it in limited stock every year and when the supply of the quality product we want is over, we do not continue to sell with different cheapest supermarket products and close our sale. You should definitely try our special products, which have limited stock, before they run out.

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