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Ali Baba Mixed Herbal Ottoman Tea (Kavanoz Karisik Bitki Cayi) 100 g

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When it comes to herbal winter tea, people do not want to drink it because they are not used to its taste or smell. It is not preferred because of its bitter taste. Ottoman winter tea blend is not like other teas. It truly appeals to consumers who do not like sour and bitter taste. It does not contain acids or additives. With its healing, it can allow you to spend the winter months without any diseases. It contains plant roots, Turkish grocery dried fruits and medicinal herbs. The Ottoman winter tea mixture, which is especially loaded with vitamin C, can help prevent colds and flu. Ottoman people used honey to sweeten drinks such as tea or milk. Honey is also used as a sweetener in the mixture of Ottoman winter tea. Tea takes its name from its harmony with the Ottoman taste.

Ali Baba Mixed Herbal Ottoman Tea 100 g

Ingredients: Melissa, Fennel, Dried Pink Rose, Dried Red Rose Leaf, Jasmine Flower, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Green Tea

There are many weight loss teas on the market, but these foods, which are used unconsciously, seriously harm health. Losing your health for the sake of slimming also wears out people spiritually and progresses to depression. During these periods, excessive consumption of Turkish grocery tea in order to lose weight quickly brings with it many side effects. Therefore, it is necessary to be conscious first. Losing weight quickly can make you happy in the short term, but the faster you lose weight, the faster you gain weight. The most important factor in losing weight is to create a calorie deficit. These calorie deficits are directly proportional to the eating pattern and exercise. Losing weight on a regular basis does not impair your health and provides long-term permanence.

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