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Yorem Trakya Beyaz Peynir %60 800g

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When Thrace White Cheese is mentioned, Thrace's famous Yorem White Cheese comes to mind. The fame of Yorem cheeses with its unique aroma and taste has exceeded the borders of Turkey. The most important feature of Yorem cheese is that it is made with milk from the region. Therefore, not every Turkish market cow cheese sold in the market is real. When purchasing cheese, be sure to look for the Yorem registration on its packaging.

Yorem Thrace White Cheese 60% 800g

Thrace Region is very rich in terms of green areas. Due to the abundance of aromatic and spicy herbs, Thrace Cow Cheese and sheep and Turkish market goat cheeses have a different taste and smell, this taste and smell makes Yorem White Cheese different. The prominent features of Yorem white cheese are as follows;

  • Cheese carries the characteristic features and aroma of milk.
  • Cheese is full-fat, as milk is full-fat.
  • Cheese is transparent, shiny, and white in colour.
  • It is produced by the traditional method. No additives are used in this process.

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Elif Cheshmedzhi

Yorem Trakya Beyaz Peynir %60 800g

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