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Yorem Kelle Tulum Peyniri Cheese 300g

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Kelle Tulum Cheese, one of the local flavours of Turkish cuisine, is a type of cheese obtained from full-fat sheep's milk. Even though sheep's milk is generally used in its production; there are also London Turkish market kelle tulum cheeses obtained by mixing cow, goat and sheep milk in a certain amount. The product, which has a hard structure, is among the most frequently consumed cheese types for breakfast with its delicious aroma and appetizing smell. However, it is also widely used as a filling or sauce in various dishes such as salads, pastries, soups, and pasta. However, cheese, which has a very high nutritional value, draws attention with its health benefits.

Yorem Kelle Tulum Cheese 300g

What the body needs in its content; it contains phosphorus, calcium and potassium minerals. In this way, it plays an important role in the protection of the body against diseases, as well as being supportive in the treatment of many health problems. After learning what London Turkish market kelle tulum cheese is, you can order goat and sheep kelle tulum cheese according to your taste.

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