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Yorem izmir Tulum Peyniri Cheese 300 G

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There are many types of cheese in our country and one of the most delicious of them is Izmir Tulum cheese. It is among the most consumed cheeses. It is a food that adults and children love to consume, regardless of age. It is consumed in and alongside countless dishes, for example, we can say pasta, pastries and salads. It has a slightly harder texture compared to other cheeses. It contains many vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is very important for human health. It contains vitamins B6 and B12, along with vitamins E, D and K, especially vitamin A. Izmir Tulum Cheese is very rich in minerals as calcium, phosphorus and iron. Since it is produced from Turkish grocery skimmed milk, it is recommended by most dietitians and specialist doctors. It is also consumed fondly by athletes as it is rich in protein and has a low calorie amount.

Yorem Izmir Tulum Cheese 300 G

It is completely natural Turkish grocery product, does not undergo any chemical process and does not contain any preservatives. Refrigerator can be preferred to store Izmir Tulum cheese. You can store it in the refrigerator for a long time in an airtight storage container. Keeping it in hot environments is not recommended too much.

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