Yorem Erzurum Usulu Keci Tulum Peyniri 300g — Best Grocery
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Yorem Erzurum Usulu Keci Tulum Peyniri 300g

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Classic white cheese varieties, which provide new tastes different from each other, are kept in ideal conditions for a healthy use. These varieties are generally preferred for breakfasts, snacks and meals, and they are foods with high flavour intensity. At the same time, it helps to obtain different products by leaving a pleasant taste in the mouth. Goat white cheese, which is among animal products, contains an intense taste. It is kept for 6 months in order to establish its essence and give it a taste. It is among the healthy foods of the table by producing the best quality and efficient time of milk. It is produced with goat's milk and has a different aroma. White cheapest supermarket village cheese, which has a slightly hard structure, is obtained from cow and goat milk.

Yorem Erzurum Style Goat Tulum Cheese 300g

It provides a healthy usage opportunity by being offered for sale as salted and unsalted. It is generally produced by making brine and differs from region to region. It is very important for the health of organisms and contains vitamins B12 and B&. In this way, it provides a pleasant taste by offering a healthy use. Moulded cheapest supermarket white cheese is made into packages as a result of pressing. It is offered for sale in tin containers and takes the shape of the package it is in. At the same time, a plastic protector is covered on it, preventing any contact with bacteria. Tin white cheese models help you achieve a healthy storage process.