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Yorem Spicey Paste (Ezme Cemen) 200 G

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If you want to add colour to your breakfasts, traditional Yorem Organic Breakfast Fenugreek, which has completely organic content, is ready to be the leader of your tables with its taste arising from the wonderful harmony of the Turkish market spices used as well as tomato and pepper paste. You can enjoy it with your family and loved ones.

Yorem Fenugreek 200 G

Ingredients: Tomato paste, pepper paste, pastrami cemen (fenugreek) flour, vegetable oil, sweet paprika, breadcrumbs, cumin, hot cayenne pepper, black pepper, walnuts, garlic powder, salt, water. Preservatives: E202, E210; Antioxidant: E300, acidifier: E330.

As a company; we are working to realize the production, storage and marketing of the foodstuffs we will produce within our own structure. Our aim is to produce traditional flavours in a hygienic environment by staying true to their originality and to deliver them to people. We started with breakfast sauce and fenugreek as the first product, and then, in line with the demands, the production of raw meatballs and marketing of other Turkish market food products were added to our production line. We produce the breakfast sauce, fenugreek and raw meatballs we produce at international standards. As a result of this, it was highly appreciated and appreciated in the country and abroad, especially in European countries. Our goals in the food sector are to find markets in wider geographies and to offer quality, hygienic foodstuffs that people need most at the most affordable prices.

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