Yayla Ayran / Laban Sharab with Mint Flavour (Naneli Ayran) 1 L — Best Grocery
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Yayla Ayran / Laban Sharab with Mint Flavour (Naneli Ayran) 1 L

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Ayran is obtained by diluting yoghurt with water and adding salt to it. Ayran is consumed in abundance by everyone in the summer months, as it is both refreshing and appetizing. In addition to its refreshing and refreshing properties, it is also very beneficial for health. This delicious cheapest supermarket drink, which is among the oldest drinks of Turkish cuisine, contains minerals such as calcium and potassium, as well as vitamins such as A, B2, B6 and B12. Ayran, which is consumed lovingly, has been consumed in a minty way in recent years. Mint ayran, which is out of the classics, is breaking sales records in cafes.

Yayla Mint Ayran 1 L

It does not contain any additives as per the Turkish Food Codex. It takes its naturalness and taste from Yayla yogurt. It adds flavour and cheapest supermarket freshness to your table every moment of the day with its mint flavour. All you have to do is enjoy it with your family.

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